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General Information

Strathern Street Stars


At Strathern Street elementary school we believe that every student will master the California State Standards in all content areas. All students will have equal opportunities to be challenged and enriched.  They will learn to utilize all strategies and problem solving skills to reach personal goals while addressing CA state standards.  Students will learn interpersonal and communication skills necessary to become effective leaders and responsible citizens in our technologically advanced society.  



Strathern Street elementary school is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential by providing a standards-based instructional program.  Our school curriculum provides diverse and challenging opportunities for critical and creative thought and encourages students to become life-long learners.  As a school community we honor students' talents, abilities, and contributions.  Through their choices and actions, students demonstrate personal responsibility and respect for each other.    

Bell Schedule 2018- 2019


Warning Bell                7:55am

TK- 5 Classes Start       8:00am


                           Kindergarten Recess 9:30-9:50; 9:55- 10:15

                           First Recess (1st & 3rd Grade) 9:30-9:50

                           Second Recess (2nd & 4th Grade) 9:55-10:15

                           Third Recess (5th Grade) 10:20- 10:40


                           Kindergarten Lunch  11:10-11:50; 11:40- 12:20

                           First Lunch (1st & 3rd Grade) 11:20- 12:00

                           Second Lunch (2nd & 4th Grade) 11:50- 12:30

                           Third Lunch (5th Grade) 12:20- 1:00

TK-5 Regular Dismissal   2:19

TK-5 Early Dismissal (Tuesdays) 1:19

TK-5 Shortened Day Dismissal     1:44

TK-5 Minimum* Day Dismissal      12:39

                   *No Recess, Brunch Only

                   Kinder Brunch#1   10:00-10:30

                    1st Brunch (1st & 3rd Gr.)  10:20- 10:50

                   Kinder Brunch #2 10:40-11:10

                    2nd Brunch (2nd & 4th Gr.) 11:00- 11:30

                    3rd Brunch (5th Gr.)      11:30- 12:00


Dismissal Gates

TK & Kindergarten:  Parents Pick Up from Classroom, enter on Arminta St.

First Grade:  Cafeteria Gate- St.Clair Ave.

Second Grade: Front of School- St.Clair Ave.

Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade: Playground Gate- Shadyglade St.